Tech Check Safety and Wellness Report

Keep your car up to date on safety and maintenance issues

The main goal of a Safety and Wellness Report is to give you confidence about the "health" of your car. We traveling onsite to your car, either at work or home, where our ASE Master technician will inspect, test drive, and tell you on the phone and in writing about the health of your car. We report on tire condition, brakes or lighting or signals issues and wipers. We also check oil condition, filters, and belts and hoses and battery and brakes and exhaust systems. Heater and A/C are tested too.

Drive with confidence: know that your car is properly functioning and ready to go. Or, if any safety/wear items need attention soon, fix and feel secure.

Avoid aggressive upsells: Imagine no surprises when a shop calls to say: Your car needs brakes, tires, and belts! You can relax and say: "sorry, no, I don't!"

At you convenience: YOU choose a local value-priced shop that you know to be honest, close by, and reasonable for only the work we report as needed.

Our Tech Check 37 Point Safety and Wellness Report will clearly list what safety or wear items need attention and we will only suggest work critical to the health of your car. In doing so, our report will protect you protection from aggressive up-selling by providing you documentation on the health of your car you can show the dealer. We provided un-biased evaluations because we are not involved nor profit from with work we suggest.

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Inspection Areas in North Carolina

The Triangle, Raleigh, Cary and Greensboro metro areas of North Carolina *

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*  Service area limited to 40 miles one way from Pittsboro NC 27312 based on Google Maps