Tech Check Senior Car Care Services

"My oil is changed every 3 months and often my shop suggest repairs that I'm not sure are really needed, how do I make the right decision?"

Safety & Wellness Report:

  • 37-point inspection at the site of your choice!
  • Evaluate tires, brakes, belts, fluids, and lights
  • Indentify under-hood items in good shape
  • Provide list of wear items needing attention soon
  • Prevent replacement of good working parts

Today's cars are so complex! How do I best take care of my car?

Become informed about your car. Spend your car repair dollars wisely!

Safety and Wellness Inspections
On time at the site of your choice!

  • Clear reports you can understand
  • Good advice from local mechanics
  • Honest, on time, and professional
  • 39-point inspection, 10 photographs
  • 15 minute review with the mechanic

Keep your car healthy & save money!

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