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Tech Check Disclaimer

Disclaimer and Terms of Vehicle Inspection Services offered by Your Auto Matters

Tech Check and Your Auto Matters, a division of Health Matters, Inc. specifically disclaims any liability for any loss or damage arising from or in connection with ownership or operation of any vehicle and further disclaims any liability of any hidden collision damage or tampered components. The Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) Tech Check provides is intended solely as a visual evaluation of components inspected at the time and date of examination. There are no implied or expressed warranties or guarantees of any kind in connection with this vehicle inspection report. Any dispute or claim of any nature arising out of or relating to the evaluation performed by Tech Check must be brought forward in 6 months from date of inspection, and will be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of and pursuant to the rules governing dispute resolution by the American Arbitration Association, Charlotte, NC. No claim or dispute may be commenced in law or equity against Tech Check/Health Matters, Inc. or its stockholders in any court, state federal or otherwise, since arbitration is the exclusive remedy.


This report is for information only and is not to be considered a recommendation for or against the purchase of the inspected vehicle. Therefore, any liability is strictly limited to the amount charged for this report and Tech Check is not responsible for any consequential damages or other damages beyond the fee paid for this report. You unconditionally agree to the foregoing terms by ordering and consenting and authorizing payment of this inspection report.

Tech Check specifically disclaims any liability for any loss or damage arising in connection with ownership or operation of said inspected vehicle AND further disclaims any liability of any hidden collision, or flood damage or tampered components not readily apparent. Further disclaimed is any liability for any damage or defects not found during this inspection. Other conditions may exist which did not occur or appear during inspection and are not the responsibility of Tech Check.

Terms / Conditions

Tech Check is independently insured for collision damage (to $50,000.00) including NC liability for Tech Check’s inspector to operate vehicle. A copy of Tech Check insurance coverage is carried by the inspector and a copy is made available upon request. A test drive is not required for completing an inspection by Tech Check and if the inspector is unable to perform a test drive, we will document this reason on our VIR. A test drive may not be performed for a number of reasons, including but not limited to a refusal of the vehicle's current owner/seller to allow a test drive because of safety issues, or weather conditions, valid registration or current licence plates. All inspections will be conducted during normal business days (Monday through Friday excluding holidays) and the Tech Check Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) will be submitted to the client on or before 5 PM EST in 3 business days following the completion of the inspection. If the Seller/Owner “no shows” and fails to arrive during 1 hour one hour past the pre-specified time and location for the inspection (or fails to provide vehicle access and keys at the time of vehicle inspection) Tech Check will retain the entire prepaid inspection fee.  Inspections conducted outside of listed limited service areas of NC in excess of 50 Miles one way from Hillsborough NC*  will include $2.00/mile travel excise fee in addition to the normal inspection fee. If car is sold before scheduled inspection occurs, Tech Check will allow transfer of request for inspection to second vehicle for 30 days from date of original inspection purchase.

*Mileage is measured from exit number 164 at the intersection of I-85 and Churton Street in Hillsborough NC. All inspection travel mileage data will use MapQuest values