About Tech Check Mobile Car Inspections

Tech Check gives you total car care confidence!

For most of us, buying a used car, understanding maintenance needs, or investing in a classic car is intimidating.

How many of us today feel truly confident when discussing a used car or authorizing purcchase of an expensive car?

Can you really know the condition under the hood of a used car or if previous collision repairs or wear items need attention?

Tech Check provides a complete mobile inspection, a detailed check list, and a 15-minute phone conversation with our tech. We take the time to make sure you clearly understand the known facts on every car we inspect.

Purchase with confidence, our report will allow you to bid a lower price, or walk away from a lemon.

Wellness Inspection in-hand stops shops selling unnecessary work, now you can precicely authorize only necessary work.

Uncertain about classic car’s condition before restoration? Tech Check will photograph areas of un-altered surfaces, generally under the dash or inside a door that impractical to paint. We also photograph any observed corrosion or collision damages that may have occurred before application of new paint or undercoating.